Somalia federal government have carried out operation to free some of the locations controlled by the AS in lower Shabelle region which has since led to displacement of already vulnerable population in Sabib, Caanoole and Bariira villages, the government forces fighting against AS interfere the stability of the target areas and its surrounding villages thus leading to displacement of the population in the areas.

The government forces on from 17th April to 10th May,2019 advanced their operation as they have pushed the AS militia in the area this have had direct negative impact among the already drought affected population thus increasing the vulnerability of these affected IDPs in Barira, Caanole and Sabib locations.

Accordingly, the community could not access any livelihood support despites been in severe drought that has already eaten up their livestock and as well could not get any meaningful intervention to rescue their live from the government operation, the civilians also could not access water point as well as experience cut off from getting any goods supply hence caging them in their villages due to fear of the heavy exchange in the area.
According to the rapid field assessment report carried out by Somali Young doctors’ association (SOYDA) shows a total of 627 HH were displaced over the past 2 weeks to Mogadishu IDPs in Daynile and Kaxda district leading to increasing in the vulnerability matrix among the already vulnerable IDPs in the city.

Displacement snapshot report-2019 copy