Empowering Youths Through Civic Education, Knowledge and Understanding and Sports

Luuq district is a town in the southwestern Gedo region of Somalia. It is one of the oldest settlements in the area. The town is located in a bend of the Juba River, where the watercourse flows down from north to south in a horseshoe shape. Luuq is also known as Luuq Gannaane

Luuq district is one of the most jaw dropping settlements on Earth, with a river surrounding it from every corner except for a gap in the far south, which frees one from the rivers enclosures. The river has great influence on the city and its surrounding areas. The entrance of the city gate is situated not more than 100 meters from the river banks on both the eastern and western sides of the town. About 4 km past the city center and main Luuq Market, the river encloses the city again completely.

Historically, Luuq is one of the oldest settlements in Somalia. In his 1811 report to the authorities of British India, Captain Thomas Smee wrote Luuq had 300 huts, in comparison to Mogadishu which at the time had between 100 and 150 stone houses.


The forum was officially opened by the Luuq District Coomissioner, Hon Mohamed Abdullahi Gardhub who gave an overview and explained the importance of the discussion workshop in the continuous improvement of the inclusive participation of all Luuq residents in making of decisions that directly affects their ways of living. In his opening remarks, Mohamed emphasized the role of active youths in state building and sustainable peace in Luuq district; this is achievable only, if youths are equally given opportunities to voice their ideas, view and interests in social, economic and political development fronts

The participants of the workshop have discussed the role and responsibilities of youths in promoting the peaceful coexistence of their communities, strengthen youths’ integration, prevent narratives of violent extremism and youth radicalization, promote gender equality and human rights and establish a monthly youths discussion forum.