Executive Massage

It is a matter of pride and satisfaction to introduce you to Somali Young Doctors Association SOYDA, within a few years, has grown into a reputable association in Somalia. SOYDA is recognized by Minister of Health, Minister of High education, World Medical Association, World Health Organization (WHO), Federation of Islamic Medical Association FIMA, as a Medical Health care free Provider in Somalia.

The civil war in Somalia has deprived the Somali women and children of their rights to access free health service. Thanks to the Somali Health professionals who, after feeling the need to revitalize the countrys Health system, established SOYDA medical association.

SOYDA is the result of such endeavors. It is remarkable that the founders of this association had the vision and courage to lay the foundation stone for free health care, trainings, workshops, health institutions that would contribute to the development of the country.

Welcome to the new SOYDA website as resource of free Health care provider, launched in April 2010.  We urge you to study our campaigns with a view to you sharing informations and helping us to help shape a future healthcare system infrastructure that will be better adapted through volunteers.

I am proud to serve as the Executive Director of this vibrant Association. Our history is grounded by our commitment to you. Our future is grounded by our continued commitment and our vision to be the agency of choice in the communities we serve, excelling in the innovative delivery of free quality health and support services and wellness solutions.

Our service and support staff, volunteers and leadership team are committed to working together to provide our poor community with the best possible care. We will be here for you as partners and advocates when you need the health care system to respond to your needs.

As SOYDA, we constantly work to improve the quality of work life for our staff. We enjoy and pass on to you, the benefits of staff who bring their long term commitment and expertise to your care. Our staff are educated and trained in a variety of specialties including GPs, Emergency wound care team, mental health and hospice palliative care.

Our volunteers contribute every day to the health of our communities by providing free Health services, Medical workshops; Medical debates fitness programs, friendly visiting and hospice palliative care support.

Our Sustainable Healthcare approach helps to provide a framework that we believe can help us with this transition that we profoundly believe we owe to future generations.

I congratulate the members of SOYDA, administrative staffs and consultants

Thank you for your visit to our web site.